Returning for its 2nd year, Dubai Marine Insurance Conference (DMIC) remains the only meeting encompassing all related disciplines of Industry. Senior executives from offshore energy operators, service companies, technology suppliers and insurance experts will meet at the annual DMIC Conference to examine the energy market and offshore insurance risk management that will support of shaping the future of the oil and gas industry.

The Conference is focused on the end-user of hot themes and issues that are currently facing the Oil & Gas industry: prices volatility, environmental issues, changing market regulations, development of new usages, disruptive innovation, emerging processes and insurance policy. Involving specialists with sufficient experience in conducting participatory research and solution, this year Conference will be held under the theme of “MANAGE YOUR RISKS”

DMIC embraces members around the globe and functions as the idea and solution provider of improving the offshore energy insurance climate. During the Conference International & National oil companies, oilfield service companies, leading technology and equipment providers, insurance professionals will aim to look at how appropriate insurance can contribute along with the fast growing market requirements to create sound assets for securing engaged global business, and at the same time how the emerging technologies can be used to further insurance streamline.

Speakers will share their great insights and pragmatic experience to enlighten the attendees to leverage data analytics, in order to maximize production, minimize cost, optimize processes and manage the Sector’s risks. Fostering an interactive environment for every attendee to communicate, network and collaborate makes DMIC a must-attend Conference for industry professionals.

Conference at a Glance



The Oil & Gas Industry has survived some especially tough few years due to weak demand and low prices, and only now the sector is beginning to recover. Still, Oil supply growth has eased off, demand is robust, and inventory levels are finally eroding. The environmental pressure and market demand that Oil companies experience today force them to explore new alternative marine fuels.
We elaborated the subject and made a highlight on ‘Challenges and Opportunities’ rather than view current issues as ‘Threats’.


Digital transformation is emerging as a driver of sweeping change in the Oil & Gas industry. When implemented correctly, digital technology can offer companies a productive workforce, enable growth and revolutionize industry for the better. The digital world, innovation and technology generates a wealth of insights and increasingly sophisticated tools to turn data into decisions. How can the Oil & Gas sector put digital to best use? And how can information be shared to avoid errors? Technology is leading the way to future profitability. What are the next big innovations? The Industrial Internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and smart data analytics are among the new technology enablers for operational efficiency.


Cyber risk has been described as the “biggest, most systemic risk” facing the insurance market in the last half century. It essentially encompasses any risk arising out of the use of technology and data and, in this digital age, affects virtually every organization around the world.Understanding of what cyber risk encompasses and how it can be mitigated remains in a developmental phase. It is worth noting that the majority of cyber incidents reported to insurers are given to offshore energy industry Energy companies must get used to the fact that cyber now poses the same kind of risk to large infrastructures as a flood or a fire. The nature and changing risk profile of the cyber threat, from economic espionage to disruption of production, demands a cross-sector based risk approach from businesses, governments and insurance sector around the world.


The Oil & Gas industry is a massive, multifaceted environment that spans a number of different processes and occupations.Today’s power and energy companies face significant and wide-ranging risks. A rig accident or oil spill can have environmental and reputational impacts. Power blackouts due to aging infrastructure, weather, and human error can cause severe interruption to supply.Understand the latest offshore energy regulations and programs from insurance experts to build and maximise your knowledge, to secure and cultivate your business.


  • Ministries & Governments
  • International Oil & Gas Companies
  • National Oil & Gas Companies
  • Solution Providers
  • C-level managers: CEO, Group CEO, CIO, CTO, CDO, CFO and Heads of
  • Strategy and Tech
  • Brokers, both direct or reinsurance and claims personnel
  • Loss adjusters and claims handling personnel in the industry
  • Service providers, contractors and related suppliers
  • Investors
  • Insurance/reinsurance lawyers
  • Energy underwriters and their claims personnel
  • Loss adjusters and claims handling personnel in the industry
  • Consultants and strategic change managers
  • Academics, R&D professionals, industry experts




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