Dubai Marine Insurance CONFERENCE 2018


DMIC is where the Industry chief minds discuss and minimise the key issues affecting the marine Insurance procedures and the state of the worldwide marine insurance market, welcomes your participation in the UAE, Dubai – The Capital of the Intercontinental Economy.

POSITION of Dubai on the global industrial map is the leading aspect in establishing competitive sustainable work environment, embracing top-leaders, governance and experts, and meeting on all-encompassing trade platform of the city. From its outset, Dubai has had a futuristic strategy to attract and invite leading international corporations to become a part of the Sustainable Business Centre. The Maritime industry is an indispensable sector of this built infrastructure, and one of the main significant country revenue.

BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY and ensuring trade smoothness is the existence of a systematic work based at the highest international standards. One of these criteria is the developed insurance sector – the safety valve and main business support.

DMIC anticipates members around the globe and functions as an idea provider of improving the insurance investment climates in direct contact with Marine insurance experts, Marine Underwriters, Lawyers, P&I Clubs, Brokers and Ship Owners. During this advanced Maritime Conference, the national and international leading minds will aim to look at how appropriate insurance can contribute along with the fast growing maritime market requirements to create sound assets for securing engaged global business, and at the same time how the emerging technologies can be used to further insurance streamline.

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